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A wife a man chooses should be a good housekeeper. To some romantic young lovers this will seem a very prosaic feature to put into the picture. They are moving just now in a sort of third heaven atmosphere, in which such matters as housekeeping seem almost profane. But never mind; they will not be many weeks married before they will come down out of the clouds to walk on common earth, and then alas, if the poor woman does not prove a good housewife!

An ancient philosopher, roaming at night, and gazing at the sky while he walked, stumbled and fell. His companion said to him, “One should not have his head in the stars while his feet are on the earth.” There are women who live in sentimental dreams, among the stars, neglecting meanwhile the duties which lie close to their hands. It may be set down as a positive rule, whether in palace or cottage, that the wife whose home will be happy and permanently beautiful must know how to work with her own hands at the commonplace, housewifely tasks which the days bring to her. Good breakfasts, dinners, and suppers, good bread, good coffee, in a word, good housekeeping – far more than many young lovers dream does wedded happiness depend upon just such unromantic realities as these.

One of St. Paul’s special counsels for young women is that they be .“keepers at home” As our common version renders it and that is good too; but in the Revised Version it reads “workers at home.” That is, the place for a young wife’s most sacred duty is in her own home. No doubt women have a wide field for Christ like usefulness in ministering to human need and sorrow outside; but in performing such ministries, however beautiful and noble, a wife should never neglect her divinest duties, – those which lie within her own doors. A young man in choosing a wife would better seek one, a prominent feature of whose piety it is to be a good housekeeper and homemaker.

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