Breast Feeding ~

~Breastfeeding protects your baby from gastrointestinal trouble, respiratory problems, and ear infections
~Breastfeeding can protect your baby from developing allergies.
~Breastfeeding may boost your child’s intelligence
~Breastfeeding may protect against obesity later in life
~Breastfeeding may protect your baby from childhood leukemia
~Breastfeeding may protect your baby from developing type 1 diabetes
~Breastfeeding may protect preemies from infections and high blood pressure later in life
~Breastfeeding may lower your baby’s risk of SIDS
~Breastfeeding helps you lose weight
~Breastfeeding can lower your stress levels and reduce postpartum bleeding
~Breastfeeding may reduce your risk of some types of cancer
~Breastfeeding may protect against osteoporosis later in life

You’re probably well aware that breast milk is best for your baby, but did you know that the benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond basic nutrition? In addition to containing all the vitamins and nutrients your baby needs in the first six months of life, breast milk is packed with disease-fighting substances that protect your baby from illness. That’s why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months. And scientific studies have shown that breastfeeding is good for your health, too.

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