Character Flaws ~

The following is a list of Characrer Flaws written by Dr. Dave Hyles in 1981. He says” Most of us fail to be honest about our lack of good character. The truth is, millions of people were raised in homes where good character traits were not taught. If you try to develop good character, it will be one of the most difficult tasks of your lifetime. To succeed, you must desire to do so.”

1. Oversleeping
2.. Being late
3. Foolish money-spending habits
4. Poor eating habits
5. Bad T.V. habits
6. Messiness
7. An unkept appearance
8. Laziness
9. Poor posture
10. A lack of independence
11. Gullibility
12. Pride
13. Gossiping
14. Talking back
15. Impulsiveness
16. Lustfulness
17. Forgetfulness
18. Slang language
19. Critical attitudes
20. Poor exercise habits
21. Cursing
22. Improper tithing
23. Procastination
24. Wasting time
25. Prayerlessness

For the person desiring the passion of good character, the following would be worthy habits to acquire ~ Dr. Dave Hyles
a. Do right without having to think about it.
b. Do right when no one is watching.
c. Do right when no one will ever know.
d. Do right when doing wrong would be more convenient.
e. Do right when you could be punished for doing so.

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