A Husband’s Need ~

Seven Qualities Every Man Longs For ~
by: Sharon Jaynes
ISBN 978-0-7369-1351-5

This is a great book….Clint bought it for me and it is fantastic !! I am only 1/3 of the way into it but it has a lot of good points, for sure. At the end of each chapter it has little quotes from men and what they are thinking…I think these are very important in understanding how our men think and feel.

Bless your marriage and home ~

“I wish my wife understood how important it is for a man to feel like he has made his mark.” ~ Bart

“The woman of my dreams is pretty (not beautiful). She has fun pampering me and is always affectionate.”~ Herman

“One thing my wife is really good at is that she doesn’t nag, and boy, do I appreciate that! She is not a doormat. She’s a tiger and doesn’t mind standing her ground with me or anyone if need be. There is a difference between nagging and disagreeing.” ~ Brad

“I think women need to understand just how critical it is, for a husband to feel like his wife’s hero.” ~ Harry

“The wife of my dreams admires me and gives me lots of praise.”~ Adam

I wish my wife would kidnap me for a romantic holiday…which we have never done. I’d settle for going to bed earlier so we wouldn’t be so tired and coming to bed with something sexy on !!” ~ Zack

“A man finds his value in accomplishments. I think a man feels more fulfilled when his wife shows and tells him how much she appreciates all he does and shows and tells him how much he means to her.”~ Dave

” A husband wants to know that he is the man of his wife’s dreams. At least, I do. I wish my wife treated me with respect and attention the way she did when we were dating~ looking nice, smiling, and being patient and kind.”~ Dan

“My wife is very good at saying “thank you” for helping her.” ~ Russ

*****Teresa’s thoughts ******

Well ladies if you are thinking like I did about 15 yrs ago. ” Why is it all about him??? What about me???? I repent for that kind of thinking now !! I will tell you what I have learned (the hard way).

Through much prayer and reading of God’s word. I have a new revelation and appreciation of a husband’s needs.
First, of all think about it, girls. Man was made in the express image and likeness of God!!!!!!! Yes, what does that mean??? God is a jealous God. He wants ALL the worship ALL the praise ALL the devotion and service. RIGHT???? Yes!!!! He wants/needs to be adored, admired, praised, worshiped, revered, respected, honored, depended upon, served, obeyed, needed, loved, even feared, etc, etc…………….

So, why should we think our husband would be any less? We are to give our husband all these things. He craves them he needs them!!! Who else does he need it the most from but us his wife, his soul-mate, his life companion, his lover…….

So I hope that you do not roll your eyes and stomp your feet at these ideas but rather humble yourself and ask God to help you exalt your husband to his rightful place. And ask God to help you be able to give him the things he needs and desires with a cheerful and willing heart.

Hey, you are going to live your entire life with this man…why not make it the best life you both could possibly have.

When a man’s true needs are met ,they in return begin to give you all the love and adoration that you need as well.
It is a good investment, I promise……and you are never too old or too late to start fresh. It is a new day!!

Sincerely yours~

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  1. I really like this website-it is very aptly named. About this post: It is funny how we are willing to be sweet, respectful, well-groomed, and etc when we are dating or engaged to a man, but when we’re married, we think ,”What? Lose weight? Groom myself before he walks in the door? Be willing to be quiet?! That’s more than I can bear!” It’s funny how we’re willing to do these things before we get married, but then we get married and we feel that our husbands are worldly and should just love us for who we are. It’s really a bait and switch. I heard a saying that is absolutely true: When a woman gets married, she hopes she can change her husband, when a man gets married, he hopes his wife will never change

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