Dinner Dilemma ~

I have this book and it is fantastic !! A real self-help for housewives !!

FlyLady’s Simple Guide to Menu Planning

“How many times have you stood in front of your refrigerator at suppertime and not had a clue what you are going to feed your family?
All of us struggle with preparing meals and it becomes such a chore because we don’t plan ahead. Part of FLYing is knowing “What’s for Supper!”” – FlyLady

~ Set aside time each week to do your menu planning.
~Start by planning menus with your family’s favorites, or plan meals which use up the food in your freezer and pantry.
~ Write down on your calendar what your are going to have for supper each day that week, even if you eat out.
~Don’t forget the side dishes.
~Put together a grocery list before you go to the market. Then, only buy what you need.
~Now, you know what is for supper for the entire week and you know you have the ingredients!
~Happy cooking!

Once you have established this routine using your family’s tried and true recipes, you may be ready to try some experimenting. We have some of our own family recipes to share with you. Enjoy! If you try the recipes, let us know how you liked them!

check out Flylady @ http://www.flylady.net

Teresa’s Kitchen Tip
This is what I do that might give you ideas too. I pick a meat theme for each night and work around that to get me thinking. Example:

~ Sunday (Roast) – Beef
~ Monday (Mexican) – Ground Turkey
~ Tuesday (Fish) Salmon Patties or Tuna Cakes or Halibut
~ Wednesday – (Soup or crockpot recipe) easy on church night !!
~ Thursday (Italian) – Lasagna or homemade pizza or spaghetti/meatballs
~ Friday (Casserole) Chicken usually
~ Saturday ( Dinner guest) or clean out refrig of left overs 🙂 variety night !!
*Also you can add/change: BBQ night, Grill night, Vegetarian/meatless night, Oriental night, Beans and tater night, etc…..

I try to always have a salad made or half made to put with a meal. Just pick 2 sides and your ready to go.

Also another tip of mine is I have an alarm set on my cell phone for 5:00 pm everyday. When it goes off it is time to make my final decisions re: dinner and start heading for the kitchen. My husband arrives at 6:30 and the goal is to have it hot and ready with table set…..yum yum !

Best Wishes in your Kitchen tonight !!!

Teresa ~

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