Wanted: Mentor’s ~

I feel like mentoring is a needed ministry in our lives today. It is very Biblical. How will the younger women know if the older women refuse to teach and guide? How do we accomplish such a task? How do we truly get involved in a younger women’s world and touch her heart? These are real challenges of this century. But, oh the need !!!
Every woman needs a mentor and also needs a mentoree. Pray that God will place these women in your life this year, by his grace we can fulfill this ministry and see our generation changed for the better, Amen.
Make it this years goal: to pray that God will place 3 – 4 key godly women in your life that will speak wisdom and direction…..TRUTH !!!

Teresa ~

~ taken from one of my old files in my office filing cabinet.

Where Have All the Mentors Gone?

Where have all the mentors gone?
Those Titus 2 women of the past,
Those older, God-fearing role models?
Where have all the mentors gone?

Maybe you’ve gone to seek fulfilling careers.
Maybe you’ve gone to self-awareness classes.
Maybe you’re busy staying fit
playing tennis or golf.
Or maybe you’re just taking time for yourselves~
Going to lunch, playing bridge, or shopping at the mall.

Wherever you have gone, we’ve missed you.
Our generation has indeed missed you.
Maybe more than any other generation of mothers/wives.
With our vague role descriptions and society’s
confusing messages.
Oh, how we need faithful, committed mentors.

We need you to remind us of the value of being a mom
and a loyal, submissive wife.

We need to see the art of homemaking modeled for us
over and over and over again.

We need to listen to the advice of an older woman now
that we know what to listen for.

We need to watch you respond to the joy and sorrow
of life, with the divine wisdom of God’s Word.

We need your tried and true tips,
on loving our husband, raising our children,
keeping our home, and living for Jesus.

We need, possibly more than anything else,
a mentor in our life who will take our
name before the Father daily,
beseeching His throne on our behalf.

Where have all the mentors gone?

You have all gone many different places.
But, we know where a few of you are ~
you’re involved in Mentoring younger women.
Thank you !!

~ Sherilyn Jameson

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  1. Is there a website associated with the pic you have for Women Mentoring Women? Looks interesting.

    Hope you’re having a great week,

    • No. I just got this pic from Google images under the search engine. I agree this is an interesting pic.

      Blessings this week to you,

      Teresa ~

  2. Love this poem, “Where have all the Mentors gone”
    There is so much truth in it. I’ve been looking for a mentor for so long and have now settled on the idea that the mentors in my life are ladies who write Christian books etc. The Lord has told me to become the person I would like to have as a mentor? Sounds weird I know…. but all I can do. I’m older now…so even though I do not think I was properly mentored, I have to mentor others. Thanks for you blog…it’s so very lovely. Anne

    • Anne~

      I agree the older women seem to be busy in the workplace or either too tired or not interested in investing in the younger generation, But, you and I can change that and turn it around for the next generation. God is calling us to mentor and He will equip us with the wisdom and knowledge for that high calling.

      So glad you left a comment !!! Bless you dear sister

      Teresa ~

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