Training Children ~

In good homes, children are taught to obey. “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.” {Ephesians 6:1}
“Listen to your father who begot you, And do not despise your mother when she is old.” {Proverbs 23:22} Children are a blessing to parents who assume their responsibility to teach them to obey.

These characteristics yield cooperation, harmony, peace, joy, and love. Bickering, arguing, strife, and bitterness do not exist in godly homes. Is your home a godly home? If not, is it your fault? What do you need to change? Will you accept the challenge in order to please the Lord and reap the benefits of a happy home?

This demands training and discipline, through which the child learns by experience, as well as by instruction. In the home, children are to learn, through experience and teaching:
~Respect for authority,
~Good manners,
~Principles of industry,
~How to honorably discharge their responsibilities,
~The value of selecting the right companion (1 Cor.15:33),
~To “seek first the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 6:33)

Please be assured my friend, it takes TIME to instill these things in the heart of a child. The pressures of our modern society can and often do take precedence over our children’s training. We cannot afford to let Satan win any battles where our children are concerned.

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  1. Mom this is very good!

    I recently read that a moms worth equals at least 17 professional jobs and combined they would bring in $507,000 !!! Training children is a career that calls for 24 hour duty with no days off! Thank you for your investment!!! I will never be able to give back all you have put in me! Much love!

    Thanks Mom!

    To everyone else… in the end it does pays to train your little ones!

    Those tangled curls and smudgey hands grow up one day to be souls in the kingdom of God!

  2. Your comment blesses my heart and soul. You are truly a joy to me !!
    I am looking forward to helping you train the next generation for the Kingdom of God, Amen.

    Much love,

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