A Home Business ? ~


by David Crank

Consider your (the wife’s) reasons for having a home business.

There are reasons both good and bad for the wife having a home business. Therefore it is good to examine your motives and why you want a home business. Some possible motivations include:

1. Discontent with the husbands’ wages, feeling that he is not providing adequately for the family (not working hard enough or trying hard enough to find a better job, etc.).

2. To help reach an important financial goal, perhaps paying off a debt or buying a car or home.

3. To pay for extras that the husband’s income may not easily provide for (music lessons, vacations, etc.)

4. To develop a home business to the point that her husband could quit his job and come home to run it without significant loss of income to the family.

5. To simply contribute some extra income by using her spare time and talents.

~ Temptations to the wife.

The change to being a major, if not the primary, financial support for the family also brings temptations to the wife.

1. To regard children & home responsibilities as less important & increasingly neglect them. When the wife’s work is providing a major part of the family income, it is tempting for the wife to see this work as her most important contribution. The business / job makes her feel more important than she does when she is caring for and teaching her children. She is tempted to spend more time in the business and less with home and childraising responsibilities. She now perhaps has the money to hire others to teach and raise the children and handle the housecleaning, laundry, cooking and all other home care duties. [This is not to say you should never hire others to assist with some of these.]

2. To take charge of more things in the marriage and home. Now that the wife is making significant money, she is tempted to feel she should have more authority in the marriage. She especially may think that the decision on how to spend her income should be hers alone. She may come to expect more respect, appreciation, and deference from her husband (who himself is starting to become jealous and bitter). She may view herself as an equal partner who must agree to every decision, or even as the senior partner now!

3. To feel much more independent of her husband. The wife may be tempted to feel she needs her husband much less now. And if he is falling victim to the temptation of becoming lazy and self-centered, she may begin to think, “Who needs him anyway?” When conflict or other marital problems arise, she is much more ready to consider leaving him. She may come to relish the feeling of independence to do what she likes!

4. Temptations from business related travel and relationships. When the wife’s business requires her to travel away from home and husband, she is exposed to added temptations. These temptations are not much different than men encounter in business travel. But now the wife may also be developing business friendships with other men, away from the company of her husband. When coupled with other problems at home, perhaps stemming from the wife’s newly successful business, temptations to infidelity for both husband and wife are increased by these business relationships and travel.

Wives, before you start a home business determine that God, your husband, and your children will always come first. Don’t compromise in this area! Decide up front how much time you can afford to invest and how far you are willing to take the business. Don’t expand the business beyond these limits without careful consideration and prayer and the agreement of your husband. Be wary of expanding the business to a point where your husband might feel threatened in his role as provider.

If trying to start a new family business, the wife should not take the lead. Wives, be patient and wait for your husband to take leadership and the primary responsibility. You play the role of his helpmate, working under his leadership!
Wives, trust God to provide for your financial needs through your husband. Learn contentment – don’t take matters into your own hands! Your marriage and family is far more important than either your money or your financial “security”!

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