Homemaker’s Fitness ~

The Homemaker’s Fitness Plan

Give yourself a daily workout by choosing one chore over and above what you already do daily–one that will improve your home and make you sweat at the same time.

Aim for a task that will last a solid 30 to 60 minutes. You’ll want to do these at a safe pace, but at the same time fast and furious enough to make you sweat and get the heart pumping.*

Here Are A Few Ideas To Get A Good Workout~

* Wash walls from top to bottom
* Vacuum floors in each carpeted room, mop or scrub floors by hand
* Scrub shower stalls, bathtub, bathroom walls and floor by hand
* Scrub down cupboards, cabinets and doors
* Yard work: rake leaves, dig weeds, gardening, shovel snow, mow lawn
* Wash windows
* Soap up and wash car by hand
* Clean out and organize the garage, spare bedroom, storage rooms
* Rearrange furniture and reorganize rooms
* Race around room to room with a box and a goal to find 5 things in each room to ‘donate’–declutter frenzy!
* Quickly remove everything from the pantry, refrigerator, closets, etc., wipe down then replace everything so that it’s more organized than before

~ Alternate the chores each day and your body will get an all-over workout.

Ideas To Intensify Daily Routines ~
* March in one spot while sorting laundry, washing dishes, etc.
* Make several trips up and down the stairs instead of loading up for one trip (such as bringing up laundry)
* Swivel those hips and dance in place when polishing mirrors and washing bathroom sink
* Get on hands and knees, bend low and be ruthless to every corner and crevice when vacuuming

Get your cardio going, your bod trimmed down and your house in shape all at the same time. Try this daily routine for one month and see the difference that it can make both to you and your home.

~ Best part: No gym fees or expensive equipment required 😉

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  1. What a great perspective! It’s nice to think we’re accomplishing 2 things at once: getting healthy and cleaning too!

  2. I love the pictures!!! Too cute!

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