Romance your man ~

Ideas for romancing your man:
~ Put a large chocolate kiss in his briefcase.
~ Draw a candlelight bath and invite him to join you.
~ Warm up his towel in the dryer for him.
~ Watch the sunset together.
~ Spray a mist of perfume on his pillow.
~ Write him a love letter.
~ Send him a romantic e-mail.
~ Leave a “I love you” message on his voice mail.
~ Place a sign in a public place, stating you love him !!!!
~ Play “our song” for him again !!
~ Wink at him.
~ Kiss him several times a day.

Being an artist at romance does not require so much a sentimental and emotional nature as it requires a thoughtful nature.

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A Husband’s Need ~

Seven Qualities Every Man Longs For ~
by: Sharon Jaynes
ISBN 978-0-7369-1351-5

This is a great book….Clint bought it for me and it is fantastic !! I am only 1/3 of the way into it but it has a lot of good points, for sure. At the end of each chapter it has little quotes from men and what they are thinking…I think these are very important in understanding how our men think and feel.

Bless your marriage and home ~

“I wish my wife understood how important it is for a man to feel like he has made his mark.” ~ Bart

“The woman of my dreams is pretty (not beautiful). She has fun pampering me and is always affectionate.”~ Herman

“One thing my wife is really good at is that she doesn’t nag, and boy, do I appreciate that! She is not a doormat. She’s a tiger and doesn’t mind standing her ground with me or anyone if need be. There is a difference between nagging and disagreeing.” ~ Brad

“I think women need to understand just how critical it is, for a husband to feel like his wife’s hero.” ~ Harry

“The wife of my dreams admires me and gives me lots of praise.”~ Adam

I wish my wife would kidnap me for a romantic holiday…which we have never done. I’d settle for going to bed earlier so we wouldn’t be so tired and coming to bed with something sexy on !!” ~ Zack

“A man finds his value in accomplishments. I think a man feels more fulfilled when his wife shows and tells him how much she appreciates all he does and shows and tells him how much he means to her.”~ Dave

” A husband wants to know that he is the man of his wife’s dreams. At least, I do. I wish my wife treated me with respect and attention the way she did when we were dating~ looking nice, smiling, and being patient and kind.”~ Dan

“My wife is very good at saying “thank you” for helping her.” ~ Russ

*****Teresa’s thoughts ******

Well ladies if you are thinking like I did about 15 yrs ago. ” Why is it all about him??? What about me???? I repent for that kind of thinking now !! I will tell you what I have learned (the hard way).

Through much prayer and reading of God’s word. I have a new revelation and appreciation of a husband’s needs.
First, of all think about it, girls. Man was made in the express image and likeness of God!!!!!!! Yes, what does that mean??? God is a jealous God. He wants ALL the worship ALL the praise ALL the devotion and service. RIGHT???? Yes!!!! He wants/needs to be adored, admired, praised, worshiped, revered, respected, honored, depended upon, served, obeyed, needed, loved, even feared, etc, etc…………….

So, why should we think our husband would be any less? We are to give our husband all these things. He craves them he needs them!!! Who else does he need it the most from but us his wife, his soul-mate, his life companion, his lover…….

So I hope that you do not roll your eyes and stomp your feet at these ideas but rather humble yourself and ask God to help you exalt your husband to his rightful place. And ask God to help you be able to give him the things he needs and desires with a cheerful and willing heart.

Hey, you are going to live your entire life with this man…why not make it the best life you both could possibly have.

When a man’s true needs are met ,they in return begin to give you all the love and adoration that you need as well.
It is a good investment, I promise……and you are never too old or too late to start fresh. It is a new day!!

Sincerely yours~

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Well Pleasing ~

~ Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord.
~ Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.
~ Children, obey your parents in all things.

For this is well pleasing unto the Lord !!

Colossians 3:18-20 KJV Bible

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The Heavens ~

“He hath made the earth by his power, he has established the world by his wisdom, and hath stretched out the heavens by his discretion.”

Jeremiah 10:12
~The Holy Bible

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Dinner Dilemma ~

I have this book and it is fantastic !! A real self-help for housewives !!

FlyLady’s Simple Guide to Menu Planning

“How many times have you stood in front of your refrigerator at suppertime and not had a clue what you are going to feed your family?
All of us struggle with preparing meals and it becomes such a chore because we don’t plan ahead. Part of FLYing is knowing “What’s for Supper!”” – FlyLady

~ Set aside time each week to do your menu planning.
~Start by planning menus with your family’s favorites, or plan meals which use up the food in your freezer and pantry.
~ Write down on your calendar what your are going to have for supper each day that week, even if you eat out.
~Don’t forget the side dishes.
~Put together a grocery list before you go to the market. Then, only buy what you need.
~Now, you know what is for supper for the entire week and you know you have the ingredients!
~Happy cooking!

Once you have established this routine using your family’s tried and true recipes, you may be ready to try some experimenting. We have some of our own family recipes to share with you. Enjoy! If you try the recipes, let us know how you liked them!

check out Flylady @

Teresa’s Kitchen Tip
This is what I do that might give you ideas too. I pick a meat theme for each night and work around that to get me thinking. Example:

~ Sunday (Roast) – Beef
~ Monday (Mexican) – Ground Turkey
~ Tuesday (Fish) Salmon Patties or Tuna Cakes or Halibut
~ Wednesday – (Soup or crockpot recipe) easy on church night !!
~ Thursday (Italian) – Lasagna or homemade pizza or spaghetti/meatballs
~ Friday (Casserole) Chicken usually
~ Saturday ( Dinner guest) or clean out refrig of left overs 🙂 variety night !!
*Also you can add/change: BBQ night, Grill night, Vegetarian/meatless night, Oriental night, Beans and tater night, etc…..

I try to always have a salad made or half made to put with a meal. Just pick 2 sides and your ready to go.

Also another tip of mine is I have an alarm set on my cell phone for 5:00 pm everyday. When it goes off it is time to make my final decisions re: dinner and start heading for the kitchen. My husband arrives at 6:30 and the goal is to have it hot and ready with table set…..yum yum !

Best Wishes in your Kitchen tonight !!!

Teresa ~

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Wanted: Mentor’s ~

I feel like mentoring is a needed ministry in our lives today. It is very Biblical. How will the younger women know if the older women refuse to teach and guide? How do we accomplish such a task? How do we truly get involved in a younger women’s world and touch her heart? These are real challenges of this century. But, oh the need !!!
Every woman needs a mentor and also needs a mentoree. Pray that God will place these women in your life this year, by his grace we can fulfill this ministry and see our generation changed for the better, Amen.
Make it this years goal: to pray that God will place 3 – 4 key godly women in your life that will speak wisdom and direction…..TRUTH !!!

Teresa ~

~ taken from one of my old files in my office filing cabinet.

Where Have All the Mentors Gone?

Where have all the mentors gone?
Those Titus 2 women of the past,
Those older, God-fearing role models?
Where have all the mentors gone?

Maybe you’ve gone to seek fulfilling careers.
Maybe you’ve gone to self-awareness classes.
Maybe you’re busy staying fit
playing tennis or golf.
Or maybe you’re just taking time for yourselves~
Going to lunch, playing bridge, or shopping at the mall.

Wherever you have gone, we’ve missed you.
Our generation has indeed missed you.
Maybe more than any other generation of mothers/wives.
With our vague role descriptions and society’s
confusing messages.
Oh, how we need faithful, committed mentors.

We need you to remind us of the value of being a mom
and a loyal, submissive wife.

We need to see the art of homemaking modeled for us
over and over and over again.

We need to listen to the advice of an older woman now
that we know what to listen for.

We need to watch you respond to the joy and sorrow
of life, with the divine wisdom of God’s Word.

We need your tried and true tips,
on loving our husband, raising our children,
keeping our home, and living for Jesus.

We need, possibly more than anything else,
a mentor in our life who will take our
name before the Father daily,
beseeching His throne on our behalf.

Where have all the mentors gone?

You have all gone many different places.
But, we know where a few of you are ~
you’re involved in Mentoring younger women.
Thank you !!

~ Sherilyn Jameson

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Training Children ~

In good homes, children are taught to obey. “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.” {Ephesians 6:1}
“Listen to your father who begot you, And do not despise your mother when she is old.” {Proverbs 23:22} Children are a blessing to parents who assume their responsibility to teach them to obey.

These characteristics yield cooperation, harmony, peace, joy, and love. Bickering, arguing, strife, and bitterness do not exist in godly homes. Is your home a godly home? If not, is it your fault? What do you need to change? Will you accept the challenge in order to please the Lord and reap the benefits of a happy home?

This demands training and discipline, through which the child learns by experience, as well as by instruction. In the home, children are to learn, through experience and teaching:
~Respect for authority,
~Good manners,
~Principles of industry,
~How to honorably discharge their responsibilities,
~The value of selecting the right companion (1 Cor.15:33),
~To “seek first the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 6:33)

Please be assured my friend, it takes TIME to instill these things in the heart of a child. The pressures of our modern society can and often do take precedence over our children’s training. We cannot afford to let Satan win any battles where our children are concerned.

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A Laundry System ~

Does this scenario describe your household’s laundry system?

It is the morning of a family outing with parent’s in-laws. Child appears at breakfast table in stained, torn clothing. Parent orders child to change. Child replies that he has no clean clothes. Parent charges up the stairs to child’s room. The floor is layered with strata of clean and dirty laundry. Dresser drawers are stuffed with wadded clothes in various states of cleanliness and presentability.

Parent rummages through piles on floor, scrounges through dresser drawers, and locates a clean (or fairly clean) and presentable outfit. Parent orders child to put on substitute outfit. Child complains. Parent raises voice. Child whines. Veins stand out on the parental neck. Child complies. The ensemble is not a success. The trousers are the variety known as “high water pants.” The T-shirt sports a cracked and peeling cartoon logo.

Co-parent arrives at breakfast table wearing wrinkled shirt from ironing basket and yesterday’s trousers. Co-parent’s tie does not match either shirt or trousers. Co-parent slips out the door to work over the din of family discord concerning child and child’s outfit. After breakfast, parent rifles through dryer, searching for presentable ensemble for self for outing. Must run dryer 10 minutes to remove heat-set wrinkles. Having only five minutes for this task, parent dons semi-wrinkled jeans and top. Hopes parents-in-law will forget their eyeglasses today. The family is late to the outing. The in-laws, bless them, say nothing. Parent vows to do better . . . until next time.

Yes, this family has a system–but a spontaneous, haphazard one. Clothing is not washed on a regular schedule. Washing routines are interrupted, leaving clothes to sit in washer or dryer acquiring wrinkles and mildew. Clothes are neither consigned to laundry collection points when dirty, nor put in convenient storage once clean. Out-of-season, outgrown or outworn items crowd what storage is available, leaving little or no room to store garments currently in use. New clothing is purchased on an unplanned, impulse basis–and at a higher price than necessary. Because their system is so poorly planned and executed, this family loses time, money and harmony in the daily ritual of getting dressed.

It’s these resources of time, money and harmony your family stands to gain when you develop household systems. How do you craft a system to handle your family’s clothing needs?

~ Begin with the end: the goal or outcome of the system.

~ A complete clothing system has this goal: the thrifty, efficient, and routine provision of clean, well-fitting and appropriate clothing for each family member each day. In any household systems analysis, give some thought to your own family’s goal, and write it down. Beginning with the end in sight is the best way to make sure you arrive there!

1. Break down the goal into the necessary tasks, decisions and actions.

2. List them all! For your goal, write down each thing that must be done, large or small. Here are the basic tasks, decisions and action for a household laundry system:

~Dirty clothing is delivered to collection points each day
~Dirty clothing is transferred to laundry area from collection points
~Laundry area contains adequate supply of detergent, softener and stain treatments, as well as tools like washer, dryer, iron and ironing board, hangers ~and hanging area. Supplies are replenished before they are exhausted.
~Dirty clothing is sorted, laundered, dried and folded
~Necessary ironing is done or delegated
~Dry cleaning or professional laundry is delivered and collected each cycle
~Clean clothing is returned to storage areas
~The cycle is repeated on a regular basis

Strength and honor are her clothing; …she looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.”
~ book of Proverbs, Holy Bible

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Organized Laundry ~

12 Ways to Organize Your Laundry
~ Barbara Myers

1. Develop a system and follow it consistently. Allow your family one month to adjust to it before you alter it.

2. Enlist your family’s help. Make each person responsible for transporting their clothing to and from the laundry room. Even a five-year-old can handle that task.

3. Let children help you with the laundry. It’s the best way for them to learn.

4. Do all your laundry in one day OR do a couple of loads each evening — whichever works better for you.

5. Take the lids off your hampers. Make it easy to put dirty clothes where they belong.

6. Have a hamper in each room. However, if you have enough space, place all hampers in the laundry room. label them according to wash loads (whites, towels, jeans, dark colors, etc.). Have each person sort their clothes into the hampers nightly. Wash a load whenever a hamper is full.

7. Teach everyone in the family to make a decision about each piece of clothing as they undress. There are three options: clean (return to closet), hang to air (designated place) or dirty (hamper).

8. Keep a backup supply of detergent, softener and stain remover. When you open the last one, add it to the grocery list. Laundry items are so expensive it pays to stock up whenever they’re on sale.

9. Pick up a good stain remover chart and POST it in the laundry room.

10. Have a designated place for items which need mending. Weekly or monthly, mend them or drop them off at the seamstress.

11. Hang a bag in your closet or in the laundry room for dry clean only items. Set up a routine to drop off and pick up on certain days each month. Some dry cleaners will even deliver.

12. Keep a small basket in the laundry room for “found” items such as money and buttons. Use another one for mate-less socks since they will probably show up next time.

Free “50 Ways to Manage Your Time” tips booklet. Visit

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A Home Business ? ~


by David Crank

Consider your (the wife’s) reasons for having a home business.

There are reasons both good and bad for the wife having a home business. Therefore it is good to examine your motives and why you want a home business. Some possible motivations include:

1. Discontent with the husbands’ wages, feeling that he is not providing adequately for the family (not working hard enough or trying hard enough to find a better job, etc.).

2. To help reach an important financial goal, perhaps paying off a debt or buying a car or home.

3. To pay for extras that the husband’s income may not easily provide for (music lessons, vacations, etc.)

4. To develop a home business to the point that her husband could quit his job and come home to run it without significant loss of income to the family.

5. To simply contribute some extra income by using her spare time and talents.

~ Temptations to the wife.

The change to being a major, if not the primary, financial support for the family also brings temptations to the wife.

1. To regard children & home responsibilities as less important & increasingly neglect them. When the wife’s work is providing a major part of the family income, it is tempting for the wife to see this work as her most important contribution. The business / job makes her feel more important than she does when she is caring for and teaching her children. She is tempted to spend more time in the business and less with home and childraising responsibilities. She now perhaps has the money to hire others to teach and raise the children and handle the housecleaning, laundry, cooking and all other home care duties. [This is not to say you should never hire others to assist with some of these.]

2. To take charge of more things in the marriage and home. Now that the wife is making significant money, she is tempted to feel she should have more authority in the marriage. She especially may think that the decision on how to spend her income should be hers alone. She may come to expect more respect, appreciation, and deference from her husband (who himself is starting to become jealous and bitter). She may view herself as an equal partner who must agree to every decision, or even as the senior partner now!

3. To feel much more independent of her husband. The wife may be tempted to feel she needs her husband much less now. And if he is falling victim to the temptation of becoming lazy and self-centered, she may begin to think, “Who needs him anyway?” When conflict or other marital problems arise, she is much more ready to consider leaving him. She may come to relish the feeling of independence to do what she likes!

4. Temptations from business related travel and relationships. When the wife’s business requires her to travel away from home and husband, she is exposed to added temptations. These temptations are not much different than men encounter in business travel. But now the wife may also be developing business friendships with other men, away from the company of her husband. When coupled with other problems at home, perhaps stemming from the wife’s newly successful business, temptations to infidelity for both husband and wife are increased by these business relationships and travel.

Wives, before you start a home business determine that God, your husband, and your children will always come first. Don’t compromise in this area! Decide up front how much time you can afford to invest and how far you are willing to take the business. Don’t expand the business beyond these limits without careful consideration and prayer and the agreement of your husband. Be wary of expanding the business to a point where your husband might feel threatened in his role as provider.

If trying to start a new family business, the wife should not take the lead. Wives, be patient and wait for your husband to take leadership and the primary responsibility. You play the role of his helpmate, working under his leadership!
Wives, trust God to provide for your financial needs through your husband. Learn contentment – don’t take matters into your own hands! Your marriage and family is far more important than either your money or your financial “security”!

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