Goals 2010 ~

My 2010 Personal Goals~

1.honor my husband verbally in front of others
2.be cheerful in his presence
3.continue to have a date with my husband once a week
4.practice what I preach
5.seek his advice – first !
6.pray for him every day, earnestly, and fervently
7.support his decisions
8.laugh more with him
9.celebrate our silver anniversary with a formal party in Sept

1.practice mental math at the cash register
2.memorize 1 new poem
3.sing hymns from memory so I don’t forget the verses
4.read my health books and take notes

1.lose 15 lbs before my Anniv. 9/28/2010
2.do exercise walking video 3 – 4 days a week
3.do sit ups before getting dressed in the morning
4.fast 2 (half days) a week
5.create a workout room
6.get up earlier and go to bed earlier
7.use juicer once or twice a week
8.take a multi vitamin everyday
9.do a monthly colon cleanse

1.pray on knees everyday (early mornings preferred)
2.do a topical Bible study workbook
3.pray with the children more often
4.attend church faithfully
5.extend love to the saints
6.take 12 meals to the widowers

1.read 10 books this year that is in my personal library
2.write and publish 1 spiral bound book (holiday research)
3.post on my blog 4 times a month

1.read to children 1 book out loud
2.proof read their essays and college work, cheerfully
3.pray for them everyday
4.encourage them to wait for God’s best in a mate
5.shelter and protect their hearts and friendships

1.have lunch with Beverly Reasons every other month
2.email my elist regularly
3.email homeschool friends encouragement 1 time a month
4.visit with Amy Labyer 2 times this year
5.have lunch with Connie Riggs quarterly
6.yardsale with Heather during the summer months
7.visit Shelly Fuller twice a month
8.double date with Becky Upchurch bimonthly
9.walk at gbc walktrack with Sherry Harbur 2 times a month
10.remember birthdays and anniversaries with a card by mail

1.teach 1 women’s home Bible Study course this year
2.help friend Shelly Fuller with her household chores
3.Daughters of Zion prayer ministry first Monday of each month
4.call my in laws and encourage once a week
5.host a monthly cell group dinner at our house

1.budget my allowance better
2.give more generously to others

1.organize the top attic with clear labeled rubbermaid tubs
2.clean out guest bdr closet , totally empty is the goal
3.paint guest bedroom -–restrained gold color
4.do the touch up painting every 6 – 8 weeks
5.keep the ironing stack caught up weekly
6.plan healthier meals by studying cookbooks faithfully
7.cook and freeze 2 meals a month
8.create a master pantry inventory list
9.paint game room and hang new pictures
10.plant vegetable garden in May
11.raise 5 more chickens in the spring
12.make jams and preserves this summer

1.get rental invoices out by the 28th of every month
2.balance the business checkbook every month
3.advertise and rent 2 weeks of timeshare
4.keep all rental units managed and in good condition
5.stay current with all the Quick books data entry
6.clean Mr. Black’s property 2 times a month
7.change a/c filters in rentals, bimonthly

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  1. Awesome mom! You are such an inspiration! Love you so much!


    P.S. I want to help you with a lot of those! 😉

  2. Thank you for inspiring the rest of us!

  3. Thank you Becky. You have been a good friend to me and I appreciate you and honor you for the good wife and mother you are. Your ten children are a refection of your hard work and dedication to your hight calling of motherhood.
    And your husband sings your praises, too !!

    Happy New Year,

  4. Dear Teresa,

    Your blog is so you…lovely. Your New Years resolutions are doable. I bless you to accomplish your goals. Have you laid out a specific plan for accomplishing each?

    • Dearest friend ~

      Thanks for the encouraging words !! They mean so much coming from you. You are a fine example of high goals and inspiring ideas.
      Yes, I am reading over these goals once a week. Also I have a calendar dedicated to goals only with target dates and reminders….

      Thanks for your faith in me and your encouragement 🙂

      love and miss ya
      ~ Teresa

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