Grandma’s Cranberries~

When I was a small child I have fond memories of my grandmother Oelsen cooking me a special treat almost everyday when I came home from school. I would run past our house to her house in the backyard for this special treat waiting for me:-) It was fresh cranberries cooked down with sugar on top. She would put a slice of white bread on a saucer and pour the fresh cooked cranberry sauce over the top and then sprinkle white sugar on top. YUM YUM !!!!

Tonight I cooked a bag of whole cranberries for my family and sweet memories swept over my mind. The recipe was very simple. Just 1 bag of fresh whole cranberries, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of water. That’s it. Boil it on high until the cranberries burst open and begin to become juicy. Smash them a little with fork or potato masher. Cool down and serve.

Tonight after dinner we are having a slice of homemade bread with fresh cooked cranberries on top with a sprinkle of white sugar. YUMYUM !!!!

Thank you grandma for such a simple but sweet memory from my childhood….wishing you were here to share it again with us tonight.

precious memories …how they linger…
Teresa ~

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  1. I enjoyed this entry. It is so true of all the childhood memories we carry with us through the years–“sweet memories.” I good reminder to inspire us to make memories for our children to carry with them in years to come! Love you!

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