Setting the Table~

~ taken from Heather’s old book again….I love it !!

Setting the Table
~ Home Economics 1931, copyright 1928

Definitions ~
. A menu is a list of foods forming a meal.
. A course is a portion of the foods of a menu which are served at one time.
. A cover is the linen, glassware, silver, and china that are placed on the table for each person when the table is set.
. A silence cloth is a heavy cloth or padding underneath the table cloth to deaden the sound and protect the table.

~ Setting a Cover
. In center – plate
. At right – knives, spoons, tumbler at tip of knife.
. At left – forks, napkin, bread and butter plate at tip of fork.

~ General serving dishes
. Near host’s cover – platter and other serving dishes of main course; carving knife and tablespoons at right; carving fork at left.
. Near hostess’s cover – cups and saucers, creamer, and sugar bowl, beverage pot at right of cover.

A table should be served in an orderly way. The serving of a meal should also be orderly.

When waiting on table these rules should be followed:
1. Serve hot foods on hot dishes; serve cold foods on cold dishes.
2. Pass foods at the left of each person.
3. Place most individual servings of foods at the left of each person.
4. Remove most dishes from the left of a person.
5. Use a folded napkin on the hand when possible in carrying dishes and food to the dining table. Do not use a tray.
6. Carry a dish in each hand when removing dishes from the dining table. Do not pile one dish on top of another.

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