Domestic Queen’s ~

Are You An Overall Success In Your Home?

Just what is a “domestic queen”?

She is a woman who has a neat and orderly home, has well-behaved children, has nutritious meals served on-time, and is an over-all success in her career in the home. She is a woman who has a good attitude about her work and place in the home, and finds satisfaction in her duty. Her function as a Domestic Queen gains its success from her worthy character, her role as a woman, her inner happiness, and her glory in her work. Any woman can keep a clean house, but it takes someone special to turn it into a queenly, regal calling.

~ The Qualities of a Domestic Queen

The qualities of a domestic queen are varied. She is first of all an understanding wife and good listener, she is a devoted mother who takes an interest in her children’s welfare and sees to their spiritual, as well as physical growth. (These traits are discussed more fully in other areas of the book.) The last trait of a Domestic Queen is that she is a successful homemaker – and this is what most of our discussion is about in this lesson.

A Domestic Queen~
is skilled in the feminine arts of cooking, sewing, cleaning, organizing, management, childcare, finances, and interior design. (I would add gardening, canning, and remodeling skills to the list, but that is just my opinion.) What ever she does, she does it well, going beyond just the bare minimum. She may not be THE best cook, or THE most devoted mother, or THE most perfect housekeeper, but she succeeds in her overall duty. She manages her time and values wisely and balances her time to meet needs.

Domestic Queens~
are not ordinary run-of-the-mill women. They add homey touches to their work with things that please the senses and make a person feel welcome and loved. A warmth of Spirit permeates her household as if you walked in from clouds to a bright sunny day. She radiates understanding, love and happiness and makes the home a place her man wants to come home to.

Success to her is gauged by her fulfilling her position in her home. She is not ashamed of her job, but looks upon it as the most important career she could strive to excel at. Her work is not boring – but satisfying. She is confident and does not need to seek affirmation in the world of men. She lacks nothing of value.

taken from Fascinating Womanhood~ Helen Andelin

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