Hearts @ Home ~

” A house is made with walls and beams.
A home is made with love and dreams.”
Author Unknown ~

“Home sweet home. This is the place to find happiness. If one doesn’t find it here, one doesn’t find it anywhere.”
M. K. Soni ~

“A home without books is a body without soul.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero ~

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
William Morris ~

“A smile creates happiness in the home, fosters good will in business, and is the countersign of friendship.”
Author Unknown from The Value of a Smile ~

“A house becomes a home when you can write, ‘I love you’ on the furniture.”
Author Unknown from Dust If You Must ~

“The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine may be one’s appreciation of fundamental things like home, and love, and understanding companionship.”
Amelia Earhart ~

“A house is made of brick and mortar,
but home is made by the people who live there.”
M. K. Soni ~

“A man’s home is his castle.”  old proverb ~

“If Home is where the heart is. Then may your Home be blessed ….”
John McLeod ~

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