A Masterpiece Mom ~

The Masterpiece Mom ~

written by Ginny Leavitt

What is a masterpiece?  It is anything done or made with extraordinary skill, such as a beautiful painting, a marble statue, a towering cathedral, an impressive story or a moving concerto.  Or, as one of my grandsons said to his mother, “Mom, you have made your life a masterpiece.”

Let me tell you about this Masterpiece Mom, my daughter, Ginny.  She has 15 children.  She teaches them home school each weekday morning.  They all attend church weekly, She reads them stories and books. The family keeps the house clean and helps with the shopping.  The mother is an excellent cook.  Every Monday evening the family meets together for a “Family Home Evening.”  Here the father teaches them spiritual values and the mother and children participate. She helps the poor and the needy and blesses people with her presence. When Ginny comes  into a room people feel spiritually fed, nourished. All of the older children have attended college.  In addition, she keeps her weight trim and dresses with taste and propriety. Is Ginny happy?   She said recenly, “Mom, I used to have dreams about my future  happy  life, but now  I feel I am living my dreams”.

Want to know how to become a Masterpiece Mom? or create a Masterpiece Family? Here is how:  First take a good look at your marriage.  Is it all it could be, or should be?  You may want to use the Marriage Rating Chart found in the Workbook.  If it needs your attention make this a priority.  You don’t need to go any further than your FW book for the answers.  And remember,  “Instead of trying to make him over, try making him happy.”

Second, how does your homemaking measure up?  A cluttered house will invariably lead to frustration, especially when you can’t find things.  An orderly house has a calming effect on the entire family.

Third:  Bring the Holy Spirit into your house.  If peace is hard to achieve, try playing sacred music. Remember, when King Saul was troubled with evil spirits, he called for David, the young shephard boy to play his harp, and the evil spirits went away.

Aim to be perfect:  God said to Abraham, “Walk with me, and be ye perfect.” Jesus said to his disciples, “Be ye perfect, even as our  Father in heaven is perfect.”

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