H. Keeper Short Cuts ~

When time is short ~ and your life is temporarily altered or overloaded ~  Here are some shortcuts ~

Aprons Rubber Stamp

  1. Slim down your routine.  Do only the essentials.  Keep the kitchen clean, the dishes washed, food and other essential stocked.  Dust and vacuum only the bedroom or other areas where anyone sleeps or spends large amounts of time.  Keep the bed in fresh linens.  Take a few minutes to wipe down the bathroom and its fixtures with a good disinfectant cleaner.
  2. Stay as neat as possible!! Put things away as you go so that a sense of chaos does not develop.
  3. Rely on foods that take little or no cooking.  Use dishes you have frozen.
  4. If you can afford to, hire help.  If you do not usually hire cleaning help, have a bonded maid service come in for a day or half a day to do your weekly cleaning.  hiring someone to help with the heavy work of spring or fall cleaning is a particularly good idea and generally affordable.  Find a neighborhood teenager whom you can pay to go to the grocery store or shopping center for you.
  5. Send out the laundry or hire someone to come in and do it.  Try to create less laundry.
  6. If the situation is serious (illness, a new baby, a death), call on relatives and close friends for help.

from Haley Home Library ~  The Art and Science of Keeping House ~ by Cheryl Mendelson ~

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