Housewife’s Prayer ~

Housewife’s Prayer ~

O Lord, as I go about my daily tasks, cause me
to radiate with love for Thee
that my whole house might be an altar to Thy glory.

As I make the beds, help me
to smooth the wrinkles of anxiety and fear
from my face, and learn to trust more in Thee.

As I wash the dishes, teach me
to think of it as washing away the sins of the day
and to remember that Thy favorite detergent is penance.

As I bake an apple pie, remind me
to flavor my life with good fruit, some spice, sweetness
and just enough crust to give it purpose and meaning.

O Lord, it isn’t that I bring Thee down
to the level of homely things, but that I raise them
to Thy level of godliness.


~ Author Unknown

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  1. Wow. “That my whole house might be an altar to thy glory.” I love that part.

    Great blog! Thanks for sharing it with us.


    • Thanks Connie ~

      I value you as an excellent housewife and mother. But, I have especially treasured your friendship through the years ~

      Teresa ~

  2. Another one worth printing out! 🙂


  3. Hi Teresa–Thank you for posting this sweet prayer, and I really like your “Thanks for visiting today” blessing. –Phalini

    • Dear are welcome. Glad you stopped by for a visit. May God bless you and your dear family 🙂

      ~ Teresa

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