Chores for Children ~

Benefits of Household Chores for Children~

  • Children who help out regularly at home learn to be proud of the chores they complete, especially if they receive ample praise for a job well done. Higher self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment and work ethic are found in children with responsibilities at home.
  • When household chores are delegated to every member of the family, children feel more a part of the family and develop an increased sense of family and personal responsibility.
  • Children who are responsible for their own belongings are more likely to feel a sense of ownership in them, causing them to take better care of their things and not take them for granted.

Chores for Young Children

No matter what the age of the child, there are many age-appropriate household jobs for them to do. Even very young children can:

  • set the table
  • help with meal preparation
  • clear their places after meals
  • load the dishwasher
  • load the washer/dryer
  • put their folded clothes away
  • hang up their own coats when coming in the house
  • vacuum and dust (or at least help move things out of the way)
  • help clean mirrors and windows
  • sweep floors
  • make their beds
  • pick up their rooms

Children as young as one year old can begin to help with household chores. In fact, most toddlers enjoy helping out so parents should capitalize on that. If children get in the habit of helping out around the house in toddlerhood, getting them to pitch in as older children and teenagers will be much less of a struggle.

Home can be the training ground for children to learn life skills and self-reliance, but only if parents encourage it during childhood by enlisting their help in household chores.

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