Housewifery ~ Workday schedule from 1921

Schedule with Employed Help. –

The housewife may list duties for which she is responsible, and plan how and when she will do them; if she employs one or more maids, the greater the need for being able to present to them a similar list of duties.  In making out the schedule she must take into account the number of rooms in the house, the size of the family, the number of guests, outside assistance (in washing, etc.), days off of helpers, etc.  A good way to begin would be to list regular duties for every day in the week, such as cooking, washing dishes, bed making, and dusting.  The next thing is to note special cleaning on certain days every week, and special cleaning on certain days every other week.  If this is done, there can be schedules so that there will be an equal amount of cleaning every week.  It is desirable that children have small household tasks and these too should be brought into the plans.

With either schedule, apportion the work so that no day is overcrowded, so that rest periods are possible for one or both helpers.  It can be done – here is where the housewife’s knowledge of the time required for each task is reflected in the organization.

taken from: Lippincott’s Home Manual 1921, chapter 1

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