Goals 2010 ~

My 2010 Personal Goals~

1.honor my husband verbally in front of others
2.be cheerful in his presence
3.continue to have a date with my husband once a week
4.practice what I preach
5.seek his advice – first !
6.pray for him every day, earnestly, and fervently
7.support his decisions
8.laugh more with him
9.celebrate our silver anniversary with a formal party in Sept

1.practice mental math at the cash register
2.memorize 1 new poem
3.sing hymns from memory so I don’t forget the verses
4.read my health books and take notes

1.lose 15 lbs before my Anniv. 9/28/2010
2.do exercise walking video 3 – 4 days a week
3.do sit ups before getting dressed in the morning
4.fast 2 (half days) a week
5.create a workout room
6.get up earlier and go to bed earlier
7.use juicer once or twice a week
8.take a multi vitamin everyday
9.do a monthly colon cleanse

1.pray on knees everyday (early mornings preferred)
2.do a topical Bible study workbook
3.pray with the children more often
4.attend church faithfully
5.extend love to the saints
6.take 12 meals to the widowers

1.read 10 books this year that is in my personal library
2.write and publish 1 spiral bound book (holiday research)
3.post on my blog 4 times a month

1.read to children 1 book out loud
2.proof read their essays and college work, cheerfully
3.pray for them everyday
4.encourage them to wait for God’s best in a mate
5.shelter and protect their hearts and friendships

1.have lunch with Beverly Reasons every other month
2.email my elist regularly
3.email homeschool friends encouragement 1 time a month
4.visit with Amy Labyer 2 times this year
5.have lunch with Connie Riggs quarterly
6.yardsale with Heather during the summer months
7.visit Shelly Fuller twice a month
8.double date with Becky Upchurch bimonthly
9.walk at gbc walktrack with Sherry Harbur 2 times a month
10.remember birthdays and anniversaries with a card by mail

1.teach 1 women’s home Bible Study course this year
2.help friend Shelly Fuller with her household chores
3.Daughters of Zion prayer ministry first Monday of each month
4.call my in laws and encourage once a week
5.host a monthly cell group dinner at our house

1.budget my allowance better
2.give more generously to others

1.organize the top attic with clear labeled rubbermaid tubs
2.clean out guest bdr closet , totally empty is the goal
3.paint guest bedroom -–restrained gold color
4.do the touch up painting every 6 – 8 weeks
5.keep the ironing stack caught up weekly
6.plan healthier meals by studying cookbooks faithfully
7.cook and freeze 2 meals a month
8.create a master pantry inventory list
9.paint game room and hang new pictures
10.plant vegetable garden in May
11.raise 5 more chickens in the spring
12.make jams and preserves this summer

1.get rental invoices out by the 28th of every month
2.balance the business checkbook every month
3.advertise and rent 2 weeks of timeshare
4.keep all rental units managed and in good condition
5.stay current with all the Quick books data entry
6.clean Mr. Black’s property 2 times a month
7.change a/c filters in rentals, bimonthly

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Grandma’s Cranberries~

When I was a small child I have fond memories of my grandmother Oelsen cooking me a special treat almost everyday when I came home from school. I would run past our house to her house in the backyard for this special treat waiting for me:-) It was fresh cranberries cooked down with sugar on top. She would put a slice of white bread on a saucer and pour the fresh cooked cranberry sauce over the top and then sprinkle white sugar on top. YUM YUM !!!!

Tonight I cooked a bag of whole cranberries for my family and sweet memories swept over my mind. The recipe was very simple. Just 1 bag of fresh whole cranberries, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of water. That’s it. Boil it on high until the cranberries burst open and begin to become juicy. Smash them a little with fork or potato masher. Cool down and serve.

Tonight after dinner we are having a slice of homemade bread with fresh cooked cranberries on top with a sprinkle of white sugar. YUMYUM !!!!

Thank you grandma for such a simple but sweet memory from my childhood….wishing you were here to share it again with us tonight.

precious memories …how they linger…
Teresa ~

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From our Home~

Hello from our home. This is a picture taken our last big snow. We enjoyed it so much. We are looking forward to another white winterland in the coming months. Usually it snows at our house in mid to late February. Hope you are enjoying these cold winter days…try to stay warm and bundled up!!! It is time to get all those yummy soup and cornbread recipes out and make sure there is enough firewood to stay warm all winter long:-)

Much love from our house to yours !!!! Blessings !!!!

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Homemade Bread ~

1 cup warm water (110-115 degrees F)
1 tablespoon milk
2 tablespoons oil
2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
2 teaspoons instant active dry yeast

1. Combine first 6 ingredients in a large mixing bowl; stir.

2. Add flours and yeast, and knead until dough is smooth and elastic, about 10-15 minutes. Place dough in a greased bowl, turning once to grease top. Cover with a clean towel and let rise until doubled, about 40 minutes.

3. Punch dough down; knead for a few minutes until smooth and then form into a loaf. Place in greased loaf pan and cover. Let rise in a warm place until almost doubled in size, about 30 minutes.

4. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes. If loaf starts browning too soon, lightly lay a piece of foil on top of the loaf to prevent too much darkening.

5. Remove bread from oven and allow to rest in pan for a few minutes. Remove to a wire rack and cover with a cloth. Slice and enjoy while still warm! Leftover bread can be stored in an airtight bag or frozen until needed.

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Homestead Blessings ~

Homestead Blessings Collection

Watch the Trailer for Homestead Blessings:

Learn the classic arts of breadmaking, candlemaking, soapmaking with the West Ladies. You will be encouraged to master valuable skills and and master practical skills perfect for gift-giving and self-sufficiency. .

Visit The Urban Homemaker Blog

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Setting the Table~

~ taken from Heather’s old book again….I love it !!

Setting the Table
~ Home Economics 1931, copyright 1928

Definitions ~
. A menu is a list of foods forming a meal.
. A course is a portion of the foods of a menu which are served at one time.
. A cover is the linen, glassware, silver, and china that are placed on the table for each person when the table is set.
. A silence cloth is a heavy cloth or padding underneath the table cloth to deaden the sound and protect the table.

~ Setting a Cover
. In center – plate
. At right – knives, spoons, tumbler at tip of knife.
. At left – forks, napkin, bread and butter plate at tip of fork.

~ General serving dishes
. Near host’s cover – platter and other serving dishes of main course; carving knife and tablespoons at right; carving fork at left.
. Near hostess’s cover – cups and saucers, creamer, and sugar bowl, beverage pot at right of cover.

A table should be served in an orderly way. The serving of a meal should also be orderly.

When waiting on table these rules should be followed:
1. Serve hot foods on hot dishes; serve cold foods on cold dishes.
2. Pass foods at the left of each person.
3. Place most individual servings of foods at the left of each person.
4. Remove most dishes from the left of a person.
5. Use a folded napkin on the hand when possible in carrying dishes and food to the dining table. Do not use a tray.
6. Carry a dish in each hand when removing dishes from the dining table. Do not pile one dish on top of another.

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Household Budget~

Budget = Simply put a budget is a plan for spending the income.

Anyone can get rid of an income. It takes careful planning to get full value out of an income. Some persons think that budgeting an income means merely saving. It should mean saving a reasonable amount, but it should also mean getting out of your money that which you most need and desire.

When an income is budgeted, wasteful spending may be discovered and checked. A budget makes a person know what can be afforded and what cannot be afforded. A budget makes one’s mind easier. When a definite plan is made for spending the income, there will be enough money to pay the grocery bill, the taxes, and such accidental expenses as doctor’s bills. There will be no worry about having money to pay for the necessities.

The advantages of following a budget are:
1. Getting out of the income that which you need and desire most.
2. Discovering wasteful spending and checking it.
3. Knowing what one can and cannot afford.
4. Freedom from worry regarding necessary and emergency expenses.

In order to follow a budget, it is necessary to keep accounts.

Savings ( rainy day fund)
Insurance/ taxes
Other Misc.

The way money is spent in a home plays an important part in the success of a home. Indeed, happiness that should pervade every home may be blasted because money is unwisely spent. Following a plan for spending the family income has helped to make many families successful and happy.

A good policy to follow is think twice before spending once.

~ taken from one of Heather’s old old books here at the house.
~ title ~ Foods and Home Making by Carlotta Greer (head of the Home Economics at John Hey High School) 1931

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Domestic Queen’s ~

Are You An Overall Success In Your Home?

Just what is a “domestic queen”?

She is a woman who has a neat and orderly home, has well-behaved children, has nutritious meals served on-time, and is an over-all success in her career in the home. She is a woman who has a good attitude about her work and place in the home, and finds satisfaction in her duty. Her function as a Domestic Queen gains its success from her worthy character, her role as a woman, her inner happiness, and her glory in her work. Any woman can keep a clean house, but it takes someone special to turn it into a queenly, regal calling.

~ The Qualities of a Domestic Queen

The qualities of a domestic queen are varied. She is first of all an understanding wife and good listener, she is a devoted mother who takes an interest in her children’s welfare and sees to their spiritual, as well as physical growth. (These traits are discussed more fully in other areas of the book.) The last trait of a Domestic Queen is that she is a successful homemaker – and this is what most of our discussion is about in this lesson.

A Domestic Queen~
is skilled in the feminine arts of cooking, sewing, cleaning, organizing, management, childcare, finances, and interior design. (I would add gardening, canning, and remodeling skills to the list, but that is just my opinion.) What ever she does, she does it well, going beyond just the bare minimum. She may not be THE best cook, or THE most devoted mother, or THE most perfect housekeeper, but she succeeds in her overall duty. She manages her time and values wisely and balances her time to meet needs.

Domestic Queens~
are not ordinary run-of-the-mill women. They add homey touches to their work with things that please the senses and make a person feel welcome and loved. A warmth of Spirit permeates her household as if you walked in from clouds to a bright sunny day. She radiates understanding, love and happiness and makes the home a place her man wants to come home to.

Success to her is gauged by her fulfilling her position in her home. She is not ashamed of her job, but looks upon it as the most important career she could strive to excel at. Her work is not boring – but satisfying. She is confident and does not need to seek affirmation in the world of men. She lacks nothing of value.

taken from Fascinating Womanhood~ Helen Andelin

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Encouragement ~

A Word of Encouragement to Wives/Mothers

~Barb and Fred Drye
Motherhood is a gift from God. He has perfectly designed you to be a mother (spiritually/emotionally
as well as physically). God has designed you in a general way for your role, but He has also in his
sovereignty designed you in a particular way for your particular children.

Embrace your role. Don’t see it only as an obligation to endure. Be creative. Enjoy it. God called you to be a wife and mother – a homemaker. A homemaker is not just a housewife. A homemaker creates a pleasant, clean, peaceful, relaxing, safe, accepting environment. A godly homemaker creates a home that honors the Lord and is overflowing with love.

Practice your calling with the same passion that you would have if you were called to be an astronaut
or a doctor. Your career choice was made when your child was born. You have been called to raise a
child for God. If, for example, you have the education and training to be a banker, your primary career
is still being a mother and your secondary career is being a banker. If you are a teacher, you are a
teacher after being a wife and mother. If you are a nurse, you are a nurse after being a wife and
mother. If you are a missionary, you are a missionary after being a wife and mother. Your primary
career, according to the Scriptures, is your career as a wife and mother.

Remember that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. There is no more important or significant task on planet earth than
preparing the next generation to serve God.

  • Mother and Homemaker: Proverbs 14:1, 26; 1 Timothy 5:14 (2:9-15); Titus 2:4-5
  • Training the Next Generation: 2 Timothy 1:5; 3:14-15; Ephesians 6:4 (Acts 16:1)
  • God’s sovereignty and design: Psalm 139:13-16
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A Masterpiece Mom ~

The Masterpiece Mom ~

written by Ginny Leavitt

What is a masterpiece?  It is anything done or made with extraordinary skill, such as a beautiful painting, a marble statue, a towering cathedral, an impressive story or a moving concerto.  Or, as one of my grandsons said to his mother, “Mom, you have made your life a masterpiece.”

Let me tell you about this Masterpiece Mom, my daughter, Ginny.  She has 15 children.  She teaches them home school each weekday morning.  They all attend church weekly, She reads them stories and books. The family keeps the house clean and helps with the shopping.  The mother is an excellent cook.  Every Monday evening the family meets together for a “Family Home Evening.”  Here the father teaches them spiritual values and the mother and children participate. She helps the poor and the needy and blesses people with her presence. When Ginny comes  into a room people feel spiritually fed, nourished. All of the older children have attended college.  In addition, she keeps her weight trim and dresses with taste and propriety. Is Ginny happy?   She said recenly, “Mom, I used to have dreams about my future  happy  life, but now  I feel I am living my dreams”.

Want to know how to become a Masterpiece Mom? or create a Masterpiece Family? Here is how:  First take a good look at your marriage.  Is it all it could be, or should be?  You may want to use the Marriage Rating Chart found in the Workbook.  If it needs your attention make this a priority.  You don’t need to go any further than your FW book for the answers.  And remember,  “Instead of trying to make him over, try making him happy.”

Second, how does your homemaking measure up?  A cluttered house will invariably lead to frustration, especially when you can’t find things.  An orderly house has a calming effect on the entire family.

Third:  Bring the Holy Spirit into your house.  If peace is hard to achieve, try playing sacred music. Remember, when King Saul was troubled with evil spirits, he called for David, the young shephard boy to play his harp, and the evil spirits went away.

Aim to be perfect:  God said to Abraham, “Walk with me, and be ye perfect.” Jesus said to his disciples, “Be ye perfect, even as our  Father in heaven is perfect.”

visit Fascinating Womanhood Website :  http://www.fascinatingwomanhood.net

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